Wild Dogs

Waldemar, parked cat, wankel stag, braggarts, Gammelbock are the silent protagonists in Erich Gruber’s drawings, created by Erich Gruber in the Haus der Natur in Salzburg.  In this book Wilde Hunde (Wild Dogs) they have been given new life by the thoughts captured in words and short stories by Teresa Präauer.

Brochure, format: 230 / 167, 120 pages, about 60 colour illustrations, first edition 2011.


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Impressions through images

The book shows some of Gruber’s works from 2000 to 2007.  Some date from the time when he had a guest atelier in Warsaw.  The arts department of the Salzburg Regional Government made this stay possible by awarding Erich Gruber a grant.


“Drawings, collages, panel paintings, pictorial objects and display cases immediately revealed how much the artist is concerned with a symbiosis of classic media and how many varied aspects there are to his work. There are so many nuances in his compositions, especially in the panel paintings, with varying degrees of background and foreground, and refinements in layers and traces demonstrating how multifarious his work is.” (Carolin Walker 2008)